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In their 30th year with BBFI

Garland and Charlene Hamilton were approved as missionaries by the Baptist Bible Fellowship in May 1968. They spent their first 10 years as missionaries to Venezuela, South America, leaving 2 churches in the hands of national pastors. In August 1979 they relocated to the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez, where they took over a small mission work that had been started by another missionary who had left the field.

The Lord blessed their labors and before long the mission was outgrowing its rented storefront. They broke ground and started a building project that lasted several years but eventually gave the church a beautiful auditorium and 3-story Sunday School complex. Their church, besides being autonomus, has started three missions, one of which has become a self-supporting church and is the fourth-largest missions-giving church in the Mexican Baptist Bible Fellowship.

In January 1986 Brother Hamilton started the Northwest Bible Institute with fellow missionaries, Paul Alexander and Robert Frazier. The school has operated out of the Juarense Church facilities. In July 1997 he finalized the purchase of land for the school in San Isidro, just 15 miles from Cuidad Juárez in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. The land will also serve for Camps and Retreats for the fellowship churches. They hope to begin construction on buildings as the Lord provides.

Ciudad Juárez is the largest border city--about 2 million population, according to some estimates. The growth rate of the city has been over 300 people per day for the last few years. The boom has been brought on by the Twin Plant Industry. It is said there are more jobs available than there are people to fill them, so hundreds arrive each day from all over the Mexican Republic. Through the Institute, they plan to begin new mission works and churches through the coming years.

Brother Hamilton is available for Missions Conferences and meetings. He can be contacted through any of the addresses listed on the previous page. Pray for the Hamiltons and Ciudad Juárez, México.

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