February 13, 1998

Dear "Amigos en Cristo,"

We have been very busy since our last letter. We had our Missions Conference and raised $67,600 pesos ($8,450 dollars). This will allow us to increase all our commentments and take on two new missionaries: Cruz Murillo, a graduate of our school who is starting a new work here in Cd. Juárez, and Cesar Delgado, BBF of Mexico Missionary starting a new work in Tlaxcala, near Mexico City.

After the Conference, I made a trip to Mexico City to meet with the planning committee for meetings with the national fellowship meetings in April and November of 1998. We also made plans to have a Seminar similar to the Missionary Candidate School in Springfield. Plus, we discussed starting a newspaper for the Mexican Fellowship. While we were there, I tried to get my papers to work in Mexico. We did not get them but got enough information that we should get them from here. I was very pleased that the church paid my airplane tickets to Mexico City and back. That was a big help not to have to travel 30 hours by bus.

The next week was spent teaching at the Institute here. I am very pleased with the two new students. They are all like sponges and take in everything you put out. By the way, it is doubtful at this time that we will have youth camp this year. We really need the buildings up on the new property. We were hoping for a year to raise money to get the first buildings up, but will have to see what the Lord supplies.

Last week I was privileged to preach at the West Texas, New Mexico, Old Mexico Fellowship meeting, hosted by Bob and Sandy Frazier at their church in Cd. Juárez. On Thursday, missionaries Howard and Naomi Musgrave visited our church in Cd. Juárez. We enjoyed hearing how the seed we sowed is continuing to bear fruit for the Lord from our first 10 years in Venezuela.

I was supposed to have preached a wedding message last Saturday, but came down with the flu and have been trying to get well this week so I can teach again at the Institute next week. We are reminded that we need your prayers and support to do the work God has called us to. Please remember us.

Yours for MÉXICO,
Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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