July 22, 1997

Dear "Amigos en Cristo,"

We have just returned from a great youth camp. We had a total of 138 campers from 8 churches and from 2 countries: The United States and and Mexico. The missionaries and American Youth Directores were the speakers for the American youth, and Brother Jesus Estrada, BBF Mexico missionary was the main speaker for the Spanish-speaking teens along with several of the Mexican associate pastors. All did a great job. The results were 7 for salvation, 2 for reassurance of salvation, 4 for surrendering their lives to the Lord, and 15 for full-time service. Thank you for your prayers for the Camp. We had two minor problems during the trip (a flat tire and a busted water hose), but both occurred within a couple of miles from where we could get help, so we certainly felt the Lord looked over us and took care of us.

We are going to be getting ready for the opening of the Instituto Bautista Noroeste in September. Please uphold us in prayer, especially for new students to be entering the school. Also be in prayer about the land. Because of Youth Camp, we have not been able to follow up on the land, but will be doing so very soon. Again, we need your prayers about this.

I am still making some Missions Conferences and preaching in some churches that are near to them. If you would like to have me come and be with you, please write, e-mail, or phone me at our stateside location.

Yours for Mexico,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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