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January 20, 2003 

Dear "Amigos en Cristo,"

God continues to pour his abundant blessings on the work here in Juarez. We are in the process of assuming the leadership of the church again. In fact the Lord has blessed with my health problems and I am able to be at the church for midweek services. Sunday, I was able to preach with no pain until after the services were over. So we rejoice to see progress, even though it sometimes seems so slow. Please ask the Lord to continue this healing process. 

Yesterday, we had 8 first time visitors, and among those were two elderly ladies, neighbors of one of our faithful families, the Heredias. Armando and Margarita had a service in their homes and had invited these two ladies. Through this, there was a follow-up visit and they were able to lead them to the Lord, and bring them to church. It is so exciting to see our people with a burden for the lost. By the way, we had 233 in attendance. Please pray for souls to continue to be saved, baptized and added to IGLESIA BAUTISTA JUARENSE.

We also enrolled a new student in the Institute, which brings us to a total of 11 students. A couple from our church also talked to me, and the Lord willing will be entering in August, when we begin the new school year. They wanted to enroll now, but were not able to make the financial arrangements to support the family and go to school both. We ask you to please continue to pray for the funds we need to put on the second floor of our building.

Tomorrow, Bro. Alejandro Velazquez will be arriving in Juarez. This week, together, we will be seeking the Lord's will for him coming to help in the work, taking the place of Bro. Mares, who as you remember, is going to Argentina as missionaries from our church. (Bro. Mares is raising his support, and is excited how the Lord is blessing.) Please pray with us for the Lord's leadership in getting just the right family.

We are so very thankful for you dear folks that sacrifice and give that we can represent the Lord and your church in the country of Mexico, we do appreciate you.

Yours for Mexican Souls,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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