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Prayer Letter

August 9, 2007

Hi all,
          First a bit of background. 6 years ago I fell off the roof of our new Institute building and cracked 2 vertebrae and messed up the bottom disk. I suffered 2 years because I didn't want a fusion but finally submitted 4 years ago. It required 2 surgeries because on the first one the doctor nicked the spinal cord and I had a spinal leak that had to be repaired. Afterward, I still suffered a lot of pain so a couple of years ago they installed a neurostimulator to control the pain.  This is kinda like a pace maker adapted to the spine.
          It worked great at first but after 4 months the pain kept getting worse until about 4 months ago I had to just go to bed for any relief. I have been through many test with a new neurosurgeon, Dr. Masel. As it now appears, the fusion is uncertain, but probably did not take. So..... on the 27th I will be going into Sierra Medical Center for yet another back surgery, this first one is to remve the hardware (Titanium rods, screws, etc) that was placed in my back 4 years ago. We have no allusion that this will take all the pain away, but hopefully it will allow me a reduction in pain so I can do what I love, get back to serving the Lord in Mexico. At this first surgery, the doctor will not refuse me whether the fusion took or not. The reason is that the refusion is a very dangerous operation with a chance that I would be paralyzed from the waist down. They have to go in and scrape everything down and would also have to put in new hardware to hold it together.
          So, would you all please pray again that the Lord would see fit to help the doctor that this first operation will be a success and I will not have to face the second operation. I appreciate all of you and trust you will once again hold us before the Lord in prayer.


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