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October 4, 2005

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

One of the greatest Evangelistic Meetings we have ever had just concluded at our main church. Bro. Enoch Gutierrez was our evangelist. He pastors the largest Fellowship church in Mexico with 1100 in attendance. Our people really got into the campaign and visited, invited, and brought visitors. We had 75 first time visitors and 25 of them made professions of faith in Christ as Savior. Sunday morning he preached on how the Lord’s ministry was Instructive, Loving, Blessing, Powerful, Strategic, but most of all it was Demanding. He brought out that in his church there were only about 400 who carry the ministry through tithing, teaching, visiting, etc. He gave a strong appeal to our folks to accept the demands of the ministry and join the group who make it happen. There were 46 who responded. Please pray with us as we labor to conserve the results of this great meeting.

I went to Juarez to teach each night of Sep 27-30 my modular classes at the INSTITUTE. I am teaching the Hebrew Monarchy, which touches the lives of Saul, David, and Solomon. I have been having a lot of fatigue lately. Since having my thyroid gland removed over a year ago, I started having problems and the doctor has had a difficult time getting my medicine adjusted correctly. I have been facing extreme fatigue and an accelerated heart beat for several weeks again. So please keep us in prayer. Charlene also has come down with “shingles” and is having a rough time of it.

We are so thankful for you who “stay by the stuff,” for you who have been and are faithful to support the Hamilton’s in Mexico. We do appreciate your love and sacrifice to the Lord.

Yours for Mexico,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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