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Prayer Letter

October 15, 2007

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

It has been a long time since I could sit up and write you a prayer letter. In August I had yet another back surgery. They took out the titanium rods and screws out of my back. Praise the LORD, I am doing much better. I am already able to walk around the block and have been able to get off the strong pain killer that I have had to take for years. I still do have pain and some days I still have a lot of pain, but overall, I feel so much better. I thank the LORD, that he led us to Dr. Masel. And I am so thankful for you who have prayed us through these tryingEstrella Lizette Hamilton - click for a closer look times.

So many things have happened since we last wrote. Charlene and I became great grandparents with the birth of Estrella Lizette, the daughter of Laura, Garland Jr.’s eldest. We were able to go to the services at Hillcrest Baptist Church, where they are members, for the dedication.

The church is Juarez is doing well. Pastor Velazquez and the member’s are all busy getting ready to host the BBF Mexico’s National Meeting in November. I am praying that I will be well enough to go to at least some of the services. We have a target date to return to the services in Juarez in January. I am hopeful to be ready sooner, but the long lines at the international bridges during the month of December forces us to wait until January.

The Bible Institute continues classes. The Lord has given us 6 students this year. All are married and older students. They are eager to learn and prepare themselves for the ministry. We are so thankful for you and your faithful support to this ministry. Without you, we could not fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission.

Yours for Mexican Souls,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton
Missionaries for 38 years
4629 Tropicana Avenue
El Paso, TX 79924-3023

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