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November 4, 2005

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

 A little over two years ago, at the Lord’s call, our main church sent our pastor and associate pastor Click picture for a closer lookas missionaries to Argentina. Both couples worked with us or grew up under our ministry and are doing an excellent job in Argentina. They have established one church that averages around 100 in attendance each Sunday. We have received word from them, that they have started a second church in Salta. I’m enclosing photos of the children’s ministry. A building has been given to them, but it needs a roof. The rainy season is beginning and they need to get the roof on. It is going to cost $4,000 to put it on, and they have asked for help. Our main church had just given $1000 toward a ceiling for a church in Chihuahua for a graduate of the Institute. We also just finished our Missions Conference and the expense of it. A national pastor in Uruguay was put into the hospital for extremeClick picture for a close look (emotional and physical) fatigue. Our church responded to that and we sent our youth pastor to Uruguay for 6 months to help out there. All this has depleted our extra funds and then some. Would you please pray about having a part in helping with the roof for the new church in Argentina? Just send it to me and be sure to designate: “for Argentina” on it. They wrote that they have a tarp to meet under for now, but you can see it is woefully inadequate.

          As I mentioned, we just had our Faith Promise Missions Conference with Tomas y Rosa Gomez, Mexican Fellowship Missionaries to Spain. We had a great conference and there was a half million pesos promised. That is roughly $50,000 dollars. Last year they gave a little over $39,000 dollars for missions. This will allow us to give some of the missionaries we support a raise, and we are earmarking some to go forward in establishing a new church here in the eastern part of Juarez. If the funds come in as promised, we will have enough to pay a pastor’s salary and rent for a building for this mission work. We already have 5 or 6 families that have taken home Bible studies in the area and are interested in opening a new church. Pray for us.

Yours for Mexico,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton


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