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Prayer Letter

November 8, 2006

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

          October has been a very special month for us in Juarez, with two special events.Click Picture for a closer look FIRST, on Sunday afternoon, October -, our main church invited several local pastors to meet for the ORDINATION of Angel Ruiz. After a very tough examination, the council recommended and the church proceeded with the Ordination. Angel was raised and saved in Acapulco and came to Juarez as a teenager to work. He came to our church and in less than a year surrendered his life to serve the Lord. He entered our Institute and after three years graduated and married one of our young ladies, Olivia, also a graduate of the Institute. They both went with our then pastor, Jose Luis Mares, as a missionary team to Argentina where in less that three years have built a church of 100 in attendance each Sunday, built a building, started a Bible Institute, and opened a mission in a poor area with a Manna program to feed hungry children. I was blessed to preach the charge and present the Ordination Certificate to Angel, our son the in ministry.
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           SECOND, our church had our Annual Mission Conference with two of the families we have been supporting, Mario Rodriguez and Angel Ruiz. Our church really got into the spirit and each class of children presented a program, dressed in the national dress of the country their class had adopted. The classrooms were also decorated and after church samples of food was given to the parents as they visited each of the classrooms. The winning class gets $100.00 dollars to send to their adopted missionary, and second place gets $50.00 dollars for their missionary. We had a tie for first place so the church will send each missionary a $100.00. Our FAITH PROMISE for the year was $600,000 pesos which translates to a little less that $60,000 dollars.

Yours for Mexico,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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