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Prayer Letter

November 6, 2009

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

We have been extra busy the last few weeks, in fact you could say the last two months or so. One of the families from our new mission church sponsored a DVBS in August and there were just over 100 that came during the different days. The photo they gave me this week shows about 74 in one day. There were a total of 24 souls saved.

We have been busy redoing notes, work sheets, and tests for the coming classes at the Institute. This year we have only one student so because of the danger in Mexico, Pastor Velazquez has asked me to teach through internet conferencing, so the student can see and talk to me and I can see and talk to him. I will be teaching Doctrine I and Word Studies this year.

Charlene, Leilonni and I took 5 days off to go visit my family in New Mexico. While there, I was able to talk to my brother Don about the Lord, and see him accept Christ as Savior. He is well into his 70’s. This fulfills one of my dear Mother’s last requests and has been a time of rejoicing for the whole family.

Thank you for your faithful support for reaching Mexican souls and building New Testament Churches. We trust you all have a very Christ centered and Merry Christmas.

Yours for Mexican Souls,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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