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December 9, 2005

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

November was a very busy month for us, with great blessings from the Lord. Our national pastors went to the Mexican National BBF meeting in Reynosa. They had a great time, but because of my back problems, I wasn’t able to make the trip, so I stayed behind. As I reported, the last of October we had our missions conference with over a half million pesos promised. At the National Meeting, all the churches make promises for the coming year. Last year we rose to second in overall missions giving, which makes us very proud of our church members. We have urged them with the thought that they are a product of missions and should therefore be a leader in giving. My, how they have responded.

Also during this time, Bro. Mares and his family returned home for a short visit and to take care of some important paper work. They are one of the families directly out of our church that have taken the challenge and gone to the field of ARGENTINA. They have been there for two years and have one church that averages right at 100 in Sunday School attendance. They just started a new church and have about 60 attending, which are mostly children. They have been given a building but it has no roof. We need to get one on, and I promised to help. Could you please pray with us about this tremendous opportunity and need?

Our main church is doing great. The very cold weather has hit us hard. Many people in Mexico are not prepared for it and have little or no heat in their homes. So, we’ve had a lot of illness, even so, the church attendance remains right at 200 or more. The Lord willing, we will be making plans to start a new mission very soon. We have several families in the far eastern part of the city that have been saved recently and we hope to get a building so we can start formal service very soon. We are so thankful for you and your faithful prayers and support. As we say in Mexico, FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PRÓSPERO AÑO NUEVO.

Yours for MEXICO,

Garland and Charlene Hamilton

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