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Special Prayer Request

December 29, 2005

Dear “Amigos en Cristo,”

On this day in 1962 our daughter and first child was born while we were students at BBC. She was a primi, born at 6 1/2 months. For many days we did not know if she would stay with us or not. It was a very difficult time for us, but she lived and now serves with us as a single missionary.

Today, at 7:17 am, Mountain Time, we received a call from Argentina. Olivia and her husband Angel are missionaries from our main church in Mexico. She came to church when she was a little girl. Angel came as a teenager. They are our "kids." We watch them fall in love and get married. God called them to be missionaries and we sent them out from our church. They went to the field with our pastor and his family, the Mares family, to work as a team. It took them over a year to get pregnant, but the news finally came.
A few days ago she wrote that today they were to take her to the hospital to start labor. But, during the night the labor started and the baby had a weak heart and the Lord took it on to heaven, on this the same day He gave us our daughter. Our hearts are very heavy for Olivia and Angel. I know how dark the road is for them right now. They love the Lord and are well aware of His promises, but they really need your prayers at this time.
Please help us to hold them up before the Lord as they go through this very deep valley.

They are the first of our Mexican Missionaries that have been called on to pay the price of planting a loved one on foreign soil. Please help us to help them bear the burden.

Yours to Mexico,
Garland and Charlene

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