January 2010


Our AWANA club was invited to the U.S. Embassy for a Christmas party! The children enjoyed the clearance scanning process, then on to have their picture taken with President Obama. What excitement that was even though it was only a life-size cardboard cut-out. Tour, popcorn, beverages and movies, then presents. Diplomacy on both fronts as they were introduced to our Embassy and left their testimony for Christ. It is always so great to see the Holy Spirit at work in these children, when we take them places, people always comment on their good manners and excellent behavior.

Christmas Eve candlelight service at the International Baptist Church was an evening of beautiful music and candlelight, but the most beautiful thing of all were the testimonies of the people God has touched this year. The teens were a special blessing as they took the opportunity to thank God for their parents, brothers & sisters, and used this opportunity to tell them they loved them, something they confessed they don’t do often enough. Needless to say, the parents were thrilled. God blessed us that night.

Christmas morning brought our traditional service and pancake breakfast in Trench Town. We then handed out gift bags to everyone, for many, these are the only gifts they receive, so it is every bit as exciting as Christmas morning in any American home, with the added bonus of worshiping God as a body of believers.

Happy New Year! We had the privilege of ringing in 2010 with a Watch Night Service in Trench Town! As you know, up to this point it has always been too dangerous to hold any services after dark. However, many in our neighborhood requested that we have a Watch Night service this year, so after much prayer we decided to go ahead with it and see what God would do. We began at 8:30 with a song and testimony praise session. We then showed a Veggie Tales movie for the kids, followed by more songs and testimonies. We watched a Christian film, “The Sin Eater”. After the video ended I preached on Joshua 1, looking ahead to the promised land, followed by praying in the New Year at midnight. We went out in the churchyard at the end and watch the fireworks the government set off for the next 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, the gunmen then began to shoot their guns, we assume into the air, but no one wanted to take any chances so everyone headed for their homes. Overall, it was a great service! Please pray with us about the possibility of beginning evening services on a regular basis in Trench Town.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer. Please pray with us for a harvest of souls!

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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26 March 2010