March 2010


We begin our spiritual life by trusting in God alone!  Because we are then born again we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.  There are many struggles along the way and many pitfalls placed by ourselves and satan. Testing and trials are there to facilitate growth and strength. We are to come out of them wiser, stronger, and able to face bigger challenges as they come at us.

All this is happening in the works God has placed around us!  Because of this we – the believers here in Jamaica – need your earnest prayer.

  1. The Mormons are once again attacking truth in Trench Town while apathy attacks the International Baptist Church.

  2. Missions months are arriving – April & May. Our youth at God’s Way A Baptist Church are going to learn by doing.  The “Romans Road” seems too familiar to excite them so we will be training them to use new tools and ideas to reach the lost. This year in both churches we will focus more intently on evangelism and discipleship.

  3. Two young men are preparing for a possible Youth Missions Trip to Mandeville, Jamaica to train under missionary Bill Amberg for one month this summer.

  4. I am getting older – I need good health and enthusiasm!

  5. The ladies Bible studies in both churches are doing well, but we want to see growth, both spiritually and numerically.

  6. The safety concerns of starting evening services, as well as the recent flair-ups of violence in our part of the city.    

Psalm 71:1,

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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22 May 2010