May 2009


Both the church in Trench Town and the International Church have been working on getting a grip on understanding the New Testament, what the theme and key verse is in each book.  Each Sunday I preach on an entire book – what a challenge!  Then in the adult Sunday School classes we discuss the impact each book has on our lives. This path we have taken for our churches has challenged and enabled us to cover a lot of ground very quickly.  Please keep the spiritual growth of each of our member’s in your prayers.  We need faithful men who will be able to teach others also!

It has been a real encouragement to us lately to see the young people in Trench Town stepping up and getting involved in the ministry.  They are completely taking care of the new puppet ministry without our help.  We have a young lady who is doing a great job leading the children’s singing time, another who faithfully presents a missionary story each week, as well as several young people who are very capable of running the Awana program.

We are looking forward to hosting a group from Canyon Creek Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas, June 11-20.  Your prayers will enhance their ministry here!  They will be conducting a Youth Rally on June 13, which will include youth groups from all over the island.  Then begin Vacation Bible School on Sunday the 14th, as well as helping with the Manna feeding program and physical work on the building.

Thanks for your participation!

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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27 July 2009