July 2009


We are so thankful for the group from Canyon Creek Baptist Church in Richardson Texas for their awesome help with Vacation Bible School, as well as the work they did on our building’s electrical system and wonderful puppet stage they built for us.  We had 2 trust Christ as their Savior during Bible School, and over 100 kids who learned so much about our amazing God.

Our church in Trench Town hosted a Youth Rally last week.  Unfortunately, only 2 other churches joined us – it seems that Trench Town’s violent reputation discourages many of the churches on the island from venturing in.  However, the churches that did come had a great time!  There were fun games to play, good preaching, and a Bible Quiz over the book of Haggai in which the young people from Trench Town took First Place!  We were also thankful for our young men who stepped up and led the singing, as well as planning the activities for the day.

Please continue to pray for the International Baptist Church.  Because we minister to mostly embassy personnel, there is a large turn over constantly.  Most of the families move during the summer, when school is dismissed, and most do not come to their new post until school begins in the fall.  Please pray that God will make committed Christians this fall.  It is increasingly more challenging to find people who really want to know God.  What we need prayer for in all hearts is Holy Spirit conviction!

We have enjoyed the privilege of being exempt from needing a work permit from the government of Jamaica for the last 3 years.  This means we have not had to pay the thousands of dollars required of legal aliens in order to work in Jamaica.  Our work permit exemption status is now being reviewed by the Ministry of Labor, pray that God’s will be done.

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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19 September 2009