September 2009


Thank you so much for your prayers for God's work in Kingston, Jamaica.

Huge praises to the LORD!  Our work permit exemption has been renewed until August 2012!  It was a very trying process dealing with a lot of new rules and regulations since the last time we had to renew it.  The Jamaican government officials seem to want every American businessperson out of the country and they consider us part of that group.  Interestingly enough, they ultimately want the same thing we do – to replace American workers with Jamaicans who can do the job.  Please continue to pray with us that we get replaced so we can begin again.  The International Baptist Church Men’s Bible Study has been on leadership, and I plan to teach this study in Trench Town next.  Pray that they will see not only the need to step up and become leaders, but that they will see how God will empower them to do it.

Verona Jackson is one of our teenage girls in Trench Town.  She had come sporadically to Awana when she was younger, but like many of the teens, she was drifting away as she started High School.  Last year we took a chance and gave her a scholarship from the American Women’s Group of Jamaica, which provides our church with 6-8 school scholarships each year.  This scholarship opportunity comes with the provision that they will attend church every week.  She immediately became faithful to services.  Jan has consistently asked her about her salvation, with always the same reply, “Not yet, I’m not ready.”  Three weeks ago she came to Jan at Ladies Bible Study, (Jan allows the teen girls to attend Ladies Bible Study in the summer when they are not in school) and handed her a finished discipleship lesson on Baptism.  When Jan asked her why she wanted to be baptized, she said she accepted Christ after Sunday School the week before!  It was such a blessing, not only because we have been praying for her salvation for the last year, but because most of the people who profess to trust Christ in Trench Town are very reluctant to follow Him in baptism.  Verona had no problem doing this; she was baptized the next Sunday.  Some fruit takes a little longer to ripen, but it is certainly sweet when it does!

Colossians 4:3,

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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