September 2011


Friends & Family,
We are praising God for His wonderful protection for us as we continue to travel many miles through this great country!  We are encouraged by our supporting churches as we witness their prayers, hospitality, and love for God. There are many challenges America faces today, but we are finding our churches strong in the Lord and the power of His Word.  We appreciate you, and count it a blessing to partner with you in reaching the world for Christ.
We had a great time of refreshment at the Missionary Family Reunion sponsored for us by the Baptist Bible Fellowship International Missions office.   We were challenged and refreshed, and are ready to continue to reach souls and build churches in Jamaica.  We also learned many practical lessons about those day to day chores that affect our ministry.  Our health insurance will not undergo any drastic changes, no matter what the president decides about health care. The Missions Office has been so helpful in our bookkeeping forms, and so our financial reporting documents are all up to date and we have nothing to fear from the IRS. We also got some important information and helpful tips about sending out our prayer letters that will hopefully make them easier for you to access and keep us more connected to you.  We are trying a new system for our email letters this month, and would appreciate any feedback you have that would make our letters more relevant for your church. As you can see, it was an intensive week filled with lots of great information, and we thank the Missions Office, as well as the many churches that help sponsor that important time during our furlough.
Please continue to pray for the churches in Jamaica during our absence. The young people in Trench Town are specially in need of your prayers during this time of challenge as they carry on with the teaching of Godís Word and being living testimonies to their community.
We have a full schedule of conferences and meetings this fall.  Please pray that we will be a blessing and encouragement to the churches as we share with them what God is doing in Kingston Jamaica.  Thank you so much for your prayers this summer!

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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Phone: 918-728-0455

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