November 2009


It is Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for so many things, and find you near the top of our list!  Without your faithful partnership in prayer we would not be able to minister to the people God has called us to love and serve in Jamaica.  We realize that finances are tight everywhere, and many have had to cut back or drop support, which makes things tougher here. However, we are thankful that there are others who have been able to increase their faith and support in these difficult times.  We continue to pray for God’s richest blessing upon you because we know that it is through those very blessings that God blesses us.  Then we can bless those we serve, who in turn lay up treasures for you in heaven!  What a wonderful cycle God has planned for our giving!  Please continue to pray that God will not only increase our support, but give us financial wisdom to endure these lean times.

Please pray for our upcoming Christmas celebration events.  The children in Trench Town have begun to look forward to our annual Christmas program with enthusiasm.  This year we are celebrating “Christmas Past, Present, and Future” complete with homemade hand bells given to us by one of the talented women from our home church, Tulsa Baptist Temple.  One of the toughest aspects of the Christmas program is getting the parents to come.  It is always so sad to see how disappointed the children are after all their hard work and their moms won’t even walk across the street or down the block to see them perform.  Please pray not only for them to come, but that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts through the message of Christmas.

We would appreciate your earnest pray for the International Baptist Church.  We are again losing our song leader and his wife as they ship out December 15.  This is the 6th song leader we have lost in 3 years.  We understand that the international community is very mobile, but it is sometimes difficult not to get discouraged.  It seems about the time a family gets involved and faithful it is time for them to be moving on.

What we need most of all is to remember to be thankful!  So I choose to end this prayer letter as many of the Psalms end, praising God for all He has done and continues to do for us.

Praise the Lord!  He can work through those who praise Him!

Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise.

Praise the Lord, for the chains that seem to bind you, serve only to remind you,

They drop powerless behind you when you praise Him!

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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