December 2010


Unto us a CHILD is born! We are praying for Godís richest blessings on you as you celebrate the GIFT of a Savior, may many be drawn to Him through your celebrations this holy season.

Our furlough has started with many challenges.  The day before we left Jamaica, Rex arrived home and was unlocking our driveway gate when the van unexpectedly rolled forward pinning his right leg between it and the iron gate.  There is a break in the small bone below the knee, and several fractures of the ankle just above the joint.  We left Jamaica the next day in a temporary cast and after seeing the orthopedic surgeon, CAT scans, and x-rays here in Tulsa, it was finally determined that surgery would not help much if at all, and it will be left to the Great Physician to mend.  We appreciate your prayers concerning this matter that it would heal so well that it will not give him any problems in the future.  It is frustrating to be so restricted in movement until mid January, but we choose to trust Godís timing and rest in His promises.

We are filling our schedule for the year of 2011.  If you would like us to come by and share with you what God has been doing in Kingston Jamaica for the last 5 years, please let us know.  We will try to see as many of you as possible!  You are truly a blessing to us, and we appreciate your prayers and financial support!

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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