November 2011


Dear Prayer Partners,

This year of furlough has reminded me how much faith in God is increased by missionary endeavors; each individual, in each church, trusting God by faith that they can be a part of worldwide evangelism. That is a lot of faith in and of itself! They add to that the faith of petitions being answered as they read the prayer letters each month trusting God to hear and work mightily.

On top of that we have each missionary family answering a call from God by faith. Leaving home to serve God by faith, not knowing what challenges each new day will bring to build the faith of each and every family member.  Whether going to a mission field or trusting God as their family is separated by miles and continents, to watch over the other part of the family as some go to the field and some (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren) stay in America to serve God at home, thus encouraging the missionaries by faith in action.

A stumble from any one of us is a chance for everyone to increase faith so we ask and God uplifts. I am uplifted by seeing, once again this year, the faces of those people who get on their face before God on our behalf, and also on behalf of those we minister to in Jamaica. We count it a privilege to bring you to God in prayer. Furlough is a time of renewing our strength and your caring faces help immensely. I thank God for my remembrance of you, and for your faith-full prayer and financial support.

Psalm 100,

Rex & Jan Harmon
Kingston, Jamaica

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26 November 2011