Rogers letterhead

Their Testimony

Jason was saved at the age of 17 while a senior in high school in Spanaway, Washington. He was then baptized and became a member of the Maranatha Baptist Church. It was not long after this that the Lord called him into full time service and he enrolled in the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in the Fall of 1979.

Tammy, who was saved at the age of 9 while her parents Lynn and Martha Tumbow were attending Baptist Bible College, was also enrolled at this time.

Jason graduated in 1983 with a Missions major knowing with certainty that God had called him to preach. Jason and Tammy were married in February 1984.

Their Experience

In March of 1984 Jason entered the ministry full-time as the associate pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Snyder, Texas, a church of which he later became pastor for five and one half years. During the last 14 years the Lord has allowed him to be an associate pastor for 5 years and a pastor for 9 years. Ever since Bible College he and Tammy have had a special desire for foreign missions. In 1997 the Lord made it plain to them it was time for them to serve Him on the foreign field. He then burdened their hearts for the country of Nicaragua.

Their Burden

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with a population between five and six million. It is a country that has recently gone through a brutal civil war where communism devastated its people. The land is at peace now and the communists have been voted out of power. The country opened its doors to missionaries three years ago but, so far, there are no Independent Baptist Missionaries living in the country. The Lord has called the Rogers family to re-open Nicaragua with the Gospel and to establish Bible-believing Baptist churches throughout its interior.

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