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Updated 30 Jun 2011

June 2011 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ

During the month of May each of us was in someway involved with graduation. How wonderful it is to know that BBC is still graduating missionaries and full time workers. Here in Mexico there are several Bible Colleges that are training full time workers also. All had graduation ceremonies. Our first and biggest one is BIBLE BAPTIST INSTITUTE in Cd. Mante. Bro. James L. Smith was the first director in the 50’s. In 1959, BILL & QUSSIE HARVEY began their ministry and completely revived the Institute. It was my privilege to teach tjhere two years.

This May the BBI celebrated their 50th anniversary under the leadership of Bro. Bill Harvey and the last several years under the direction of LARRY AND SHARRON LILLIE. There have been 706 pastors, missionaries and full time workers that have received their training at BBI. Several graduates were speakers at this celebration.

Anchor Theological Seminary has graduated 248 students in the past several years. Three more received their MTH or PHD this years. There are several others still working of degrees.

Our granddaughter Courtenay received her PHD at the University of Indiana this year. She has accepted a position working for the school in her field of Management Science of Human Resources. Also grandson Ryan has received his License as Flight Instructor and is working at McCreery Aviation in McAllen Texas. Our son Ron received his PHD in Psychology and Family counseling from LBU.

We ask you to continue to pray for JOAN KAHLER and the work among the Tarahumara Indians in northern Mexico. She has chosen to remain in the work after the passing of Bro. Louis. They also graduated several students this year. You may review the work by referencing their new website: (www.mexicobaptistministries.org) for further information.

Beloved thank you for your prayers and financial help for our ministry. Our desire is that God would continue to richly bless you and your work.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith