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Updated 28 Apr 2012

April 2012 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

The Canton Baptist Temple of Reynosa Mexico celebrated their 25th anniversary the last of February with the Northern BBF of Mexico. This work was sponsored by Canton BT, Ohio. Pastor Eliseo and family have served our Lord for many years. They have compiled and put together all of the S. S. books and songbooks over these years. They recently had to find other living quarters so that the parsonage could be used for Sunday school.

Bible Baptist Church of Colonial Martinez in Monterrey Mexico celebrated their 50th anniversary March 26th. We began the mission in August of 1960, bought property and built our first building in Northern Mexico. Calixto Sepulveda worked with me for 12 years. He came to the States as one of the first Mexican pastor to Spanish speaking people. He is now 90 years young and has pastored Spanish churches throughout the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Julian Sarmineto was saved at Bible Baptist in 1962 and after Bro. Calixto came to the States in 1972, Julian became pastor of Bible Baptist. The church has been the “Mother” of over 100 churches and missions.

Please pray for all of the churches of Mexico. Most missionaries have had to leave for a while due to the drug cartels and the danger of death. However the Mexican pastors are doing a great job with their work. Easter comes in April this year. “Spring break” here is the week before (Holy Week) and the week after Easter. This is when most of our churches conduct special services. The BBFM conducts the national pastor retreat fellowship at Rawlings Highland camp at Xoxocotla, Mexico April 10-13. Chartered busses from all over Mexico will carry the pastors and their family for this week of retreat. The theme will be “The High Cost of being a Pastor”.

We have ordered the material for this year’s DVBS. The material should arrive at the border about the middle of April. Shipping has greatly increased each year. UPS now charges $30.00 per box of material. Please pray for this year’s many Bible clubs. The theme is “I will Make you Fishers of Men”. If God leads you and you can, please help us with this need.

Beloved we are so thankful for your prayers and financial help. God continues to bless His Word in the churches and missions. We just finished printing another 1000 Songbooks for the Spanish speaking churches.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith