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Updated 01 Jun 2012

May 2012 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Easter week was a great time in which our churches served the Lord. Special services were conducted in each church. Souls were saved and the attendance this year was up from other times. Please continue to pray for the unrest conditions in Mexico. The drug cartels are still causing trouble and there are rumors of some groups joining together to resist the Federal Authorities.

This year’s annual pastor retreat was a great time of Fellowship and rejoicing in the Lord. The pastors from all over Mexico arrived in chartered busses at Rawlings Highland camp and participated in the program of “The High Cost of being a Pastor”. Some eleven or twelve pastors brought messages on this subject. Those attending rejoiced in the Lord. Please pray for the next Fellowship meeting which will be in October 2012 in Bogata Columbia. Finances will be a problem.

The material ordered for the DVBS of 2012 has arrived. A brother from a church in San Antonio made a trip to California to the “Mensaje de Vida” facilities and brought back the material for another missionary and for us. It saved us over 60% of our shipping cost. The material has been separated into packages for the different churches and missions. They have been delivered into Mexico where Bro. Angel Zapata will distribute them to those who will teach over 9,000 boys and girls the gospel story. We still need some help to ease this financial burden. We believe that God will supply all our need, and we thank you for your help.

We give a special THANKS to Al and Jody Williams who have delivered another FOUR pianos for the churches in Mexico. Bro. Al is in business of tuning and repairing pianos in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. They have donated over 50 pianos through the years to Mexico. THANKS!

We just finished printing another 1000 Songbooks for the Spanish speaking churches. Bro. Eliseo Delgado family in Reynosa has finished putting them together and we have finished trimming them. They are ready for deliver to the churches. Also we have printed 10,000 tithing envelopes this month.

Beloved we are so thankful for your faithfulness in prayer and financial help. God continues to bless His Word in the churches and missions. We do ask you to continue to pray for us each church and pastor. Pray for the graduates of the several Bible Colleges in Mexico. They are the future.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith