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Updated 28 Feb 2013

February 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

This passed month one of the many young men that God led me to guide in the ministry called. It reminded me of one of the first S.M.I.T.E. groups that came to Mexico. It was the summer of 1963 that a group of young people from TULSA BAPTIST & WICHITA BAPTIST, led by ROSCOE BREWER planned and made a trip clear to VERACRUZ, MEXICO. It was a very long and difficult trip. When the group arrived we discovered that it was the rainy season. It rained every day we were there. We distributed over 5,000 N. T. s in the rain and held evangelistic services each night. There were only ELEVEN people saved. The group was very disappointed as the year before there had been over 200 professions of faith in Monterrey.

One of the eleven people saved was a young man from Puebla, Mexico, a dockworker in Veracruz. GABRIEL MARTINEZ surrendered his life to full time ministry and went to Bible College in Cd. Mante. Upon finishing he became a pastor in Saltillo, Coah. While pastor of the Berea Church he began four other missions. After a few years he desired to return to Puebla Mexico to begin a new church. He is still in Puebla and still in the work of our Lord.

Another very interesting fact: Several years later I was guide and interpreter for one of our Mission Director who represented Mexico. Bro. Luster and I were visiting the Pyramids near Mexico City very early in the morning. He wanted to climb up the large pyramid but a guard told us it was not open yet. He agreed to let Bro. Luster climb up while I visited with the guard. In witnessing to the guard, he told me that in his city a group of American youth had given him a New Testament. Of course it was the group who work in Veracruz. DOMINGO FLORES accepted Christ as personal Savior on the steps of the Pyramid built to other gods.

Beloved we are so grateful for you faithfulness in prayer and financial support toward our ministry these many years. God continues to bless with young men called to service, and with souls saved for our labor.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith