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Updated 03 Jun 2013

May 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

In spite of the increased violence of the drug cartel the busload of people from the churches in Reynosa arrived and has returned safely from the annual pastors retreat and National BBF of Mexico Fellowship. A large musical group from the First Bible Baptist Church of Reynosa was invited to the Mexican retreat and Fellowship meeting and was a great blessing to all with their music during their time together. This group has also been invited to play at the National Bible Baptist Int. meeting that will be held in February 16-19 2014 that will be conducted in Austin, Texas with Bro. Mike Marcellus. They have accepted this honored invitation.

The material for 2013 DVBS has been separated into packages that supply books for 150 - 200 children in each DVBS. Bro. Angel Zapata has picked up the packages and they are in Mexico and will be distributed to those churches that will reach the boys and girls with the gospel of Christ. We still need your to prayers for these DVBS that many children will attend and those that are lost will be saved.

The last week of February Jack Baskin and wife Shirley visited with several veteran Mexico Missionaries. He shared with us his burden and vision for reaching the almost 50 million Spanish speaking people within the borders of the USA. He has developed and used a special plan in several countries to reach people. His desire is to begin a Spanish Bible College in the USA, Using a modular system that will teach the whole Bible to young Latino men in a short time. They can then reach the Spanish Speaking peoples by beginning new works among them.

My part was to prepare a curriculum in Spanish. For the passed two months I have been busy translating several books by Dr. John Phillips and using materials that I have prepared and used over our years in Mexico, I have presented them with a suggested curriculum to be used in a Spanish Bible College. It can also be used in local churches in night classes. God is moving in this matter. Please join us in prayer that this project will become a reality.

Beloved once again we thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and financial help toward our ministry. Churches are growing and souls are being saved because of your love and concern.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith