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Updated 29 Jul 2013

June 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Pastor: Do you have a Spanish work in your church? Or do you know of a Spanish work in the USA or Canada? I have a 64 credit hour curriculum in Spanish that covers the whole Bible. I would like to offer it to them free of charge. If you know of one, please send me their name and address.

For many years we have been interested in reaching children with the gospel. In early years when my family worked with the summer DVBS we had thousands of boys and girls saved. It was thrilling to see these young souls come to Christ as their personal Savior. Much prayer is needed for this year’s DVBS because the drug cartel has affected the attendance. Three different gun battles in Reynosa this month between the drug cartel and authorities. Last year a pastor’s wife and child barely missed death when caught in one of these battles. Pray for the attendance and for souls.

This month I had another great thrill. One of our six great grand children accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Six-year-old Levi came to his grandpa and said: “Papa, I want to have Jesus in my heart”. Our son Ron explained to him the plan of salvation and Levi prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart. This is the third of our great grand children that has accepted Christ. All seven of our grand children have been saved, and three of our great grand children. The other three are too young, but they are in Sunday school each Sunday and when the time comes we believe they also will be saved.

Every one is talking about the weather. I am sure that you have some thoughts about it. Well here in northern Mexico it begins to get hot in April. This year it was some different. Yes the temperature has reached 100… then the next day it falls into the 40’s. After a few days it is back in the 90’s and 100’s, then again it falls into the 40’s. We are hoping that soon it will get consistent and stay in the 90’s.

Pray for the pastors of the Mexican churches. These are perilous times. To date no one has been killed but there is always that possibility. The regular services are still being attended and souls are being saved. We are trusting in our Lord for protection and safety.

Once again we thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and financial help for our ministry. Our prayers are for you, your church and people. May God continue to bless each of you and supply your every need?

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith