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Our labors

Building Autonomous Baptist Churches

We were approved May 1956. In March 1957 to August 1960. We built eight churches and missions in the Tampico area and reached out over 200 miles.

From August 1960 to 1964. Lived in Monterrey, at that time over 1.5 million people. Built one church and three missions in Monterrey, and fifteen other churches and missions in Saltillo, Linares and the mountain villages and towns. Covering over a 500 mile circuit. In 1964 we turned over these works in Saltillo, Linares and mountains to other missionaries.

1964-1985. Lived in Monterrey, built over forty churches and missions in greater Monterrey area, which had grown to over 6 million people. At the same time, we were able to build over forty other churches and missions in other Mexican states and cities.

1985 due to health reason we moved to McAllen, Texas and begin working in Reynosa, Mexico, and other cities on the border. We have built nine churches and missions. While supervising all of the other churches and missions and teaching in Baptist Bible College in Monterrey. Bringing to a total of 120 Churches and missions built by the Lonnie C. Smith extended family.

Recently we have begun several other missions in Reynosa, Rio Bravo and Matamoros Mexico.

In each church and most missions, that we have built we have provided them with their own property and buildings, complete with pastor's quarters. Today each work has its own pastor and are autonomous, self-supporting missionary Baptist churches, under the direct leadership of a Mexican pastor. We, as the missionaries are in a supervisory capacity.

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Baptist Bible College of Northern Mexico

From the very first days of our ministry in Mexico, we realized the importance of training Mexican pastors and workers. Without pastors and workers, there can never be an "indigenous" work. We have always cooperated with the training of workers. While in Tampico, we drove over 100 miles to teach in our only Bible college.

In 1972 we realized that the one Bible college, which was over 300 miles from our work in Monterrey, was not able to supply sufficient workers for our growing number of churches. The Baptist Bible College of Northern Mexico was begun to supply this need. As is the nature of Bible colleges in Mexico, where the students required complete scholarships, the colleges are small. We began with fifteen students, and this has been about the average number of students each year. In the 26 years of life, over 250 full time workers have been added to the work from IBBN.

There have been problems over the years, as there are when working with people, but the Baptist Bible College of Northern Mexico (IBBN) is still training pastors and workers in Monterrey.

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LCS Print Shop

As the number of churches and missions in Mexico began to grow, we realized the need for good Baptist literature with which to train our people and to better understand and teach the Word of God. Since printing is very expensive, God enabled me to establish my own print shop with donated obsolete equipment. Thousands of copies of Bible Centered books have been distributed through "LCS" printers.

Getting permission from great men of God who have written such material, I began in earnest to translate their material into the Spanish language. Dr. John Rawlings' Through the Bible in Three Years has been well received and used by the churches of the BBF of Mexico.  In all, I have written and or translated over sixty different Bible-centered books on almost every subject of the Bible, especially series toward discipleship and Christian growth. Youth Action for Christ of N.C. gave me permission to translate and publish their Christian growth series: The Milk, Meat, Bread, Fish, and Landmarks. One of the greatest needs for the churches and missions has been song books. We have been able to compile a good song book of 249 songs for a very reasonable price. One with music and spiral-bound for musicians and song leaders. A similar version without music for the people.  Thanks to "LCS" printers, thousands of Christians have been able to sing praises to our Lord and Savior.

Recently we have introduced 100 cassette tapes which contains the music for 218 song and choruses contained en the "Himnario del Compañerismo". These are available for a nominal price.  Click here for the Price List.

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South O' Border

In 1962, not having taken a furlough and not being able to take time away from the work, we began to publish a monthly bulletin to inform the pastors and ask for prayer. Since we are originally from Texas we called it South O' Border, short for South of the Border.

With the help of a friend in the postal service, we were able to get a Newspaper mailing permit, which allowed us to send it out and pay by the pound. At first it was only 21? cents per pound. This was continued until 1995, when the permit was canceled. Because of the cost involved we have discontinued this arm of our ministry

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Vacation Bible Clubs (DVBS)

Mexico is a very progressive country when it comes to propagation. It is reported that over one half to two thirds of the Mexican population is under eighteen years of age. Therefore, there are a multitude of children that need to be reached with the gospel.

Another reason for having Daily Vacation Bible Schools, or Bible Clubs to reach these children is that the state church teaches that it is a mortal sin to go to a Baptist or Protestant church. When other boys and girls begin to invite others, in hopes of winning first place in a contest, they can be very persuasive. Thus, the attendance to DVBS is unusually high.

With a average cost of just $50 per Bible Club or School, we reach between 250 and 400 boys and girls with the gospel story in each DVBS.  We have conducted and/or helped conduct a Bible School or Club in every church that we have begun, every year. For the past several years, with the help of churches and individuals, we have been able to furnish material for over 120 different DVBS.

Praise God that we have seen an average of between 40 and 80 boys and girls accept Christ as their personal Savior in every DVBS conducted.  This is the greatest investment in souls that we know.

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Anchor Theological Seminary & Bible Institute

We have added another phase to our ministry in our later days. In 1995 I was asked and accepted to be the representative of Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute of Texarkana, Texas, to the missionaries and to the Spanish-speaking world. Dr. John Tisdale is the President of Anchor Seminary. All missionaries are encouraged to enroll to receive their BA, MTH or PHD today.  Click here details.

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