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Updated 30 Aug 2011

August 2011 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

The month of July was very exciting. Margie and I celebrated our 62nd wedding anniversary on the 14th. The first thing I did was purchase two dozens roses for my “bride”. She was somewhat surprised that I remembered. We had a special lunch with another missionary couple at the new “Longhorn Steak House” that just opened here in McAllen. To our surprise after the meal, the staff brought us a special ice cream desert, with four spoons. God has been so good to us. Thanks to all who remembered with card, calls or email, including our family.

During this month several Fellowships of the Mexican BBF conducted youth camps. There is a real interest among the young people of our churches to attend. We do not have the total numbers of attendance, but many were saved and other surrendered their life to serve the Lord in a more fulfilling way. Also many surrendered to full time service and will be attending one of the Bible Colleges come September.

Reports concerning the DVBS this year are coming in. Most VBS have yet to be conducted since schools here do not let out until the middle of July. Those who have reported on their DVBS show that God in still in the soul saving business. We will have a complete report next month. Please continue to pray for these efforts to reach the lost children of Mexico. Thank you who have made it possible to furnish material for 60 different DVBS.

In 1956 when we started our ministry in Tampico our first “preacher boy” was ELIAS SALAZAR GONZALES. (Now deseased). He first was pastor in Gonzalez, Tamp. Later graduated from IBB in Cd. Mante. Then was pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Cd. Mante many years. He and his wife had a daughter Eunice and three sons: Elias Jr., Moisés and Misael. Elias Jr. is a missionary of the East Texas BBF and works in Houston. Moisés is now pastor of BBC in Cd. Mante and president of BBF Mexico. Misael is a merchant in Cd. Mante. July 23, Misael with his son and the son of Moisés were going to Tampico on business. They were kidnapped at gunpoint and ransom demanded. Moises went with the ransom late Saturday. All four are still missing as of July 29. Please pray for their save return.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith

PS: Just received word late today that the Salazar brothers and sons have been rescued by the Mexican army and are united with their families at a “save house”. Praise God!