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Updated 30 Sep 2011

September 2011 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Last month we told you about two sons and two grandsons of our first “preacher boy” Elias Salazar Sr. being kidnapped and held for ransom. The last day of July these dear friends were rescued after being starved and beaten. They were only part of those held by the kidnappers. Moisés had witnessed to a family while being held and won them to the Lord. Two others had managed to escape their captures and brought the army to save them. Please pray for Pastor Salazar and family. They need time to heal. Truly their release was a miracle of God and an answer to the prayers of all of Mexico.

God is still in the saving business! We do not know how to tell you of the many victories and blessings that have come from your help in supplying the material for SIXTY different DVBS in Mexico. We do praise God for so many children and yes, some adults who accepted Christ as their personal Savior during the teaching of His Word. Several churches conducted their DVBS at night and therefore many parents attended also. Our first church in Reynosa had record attendance and FORTY people were saved. The Spanish church in Brownsville Texas, reported that THIRTY-SEVEN people were saved, including FIVE adults. Canton B. T. of Reynosa had 51 professions of faith.

It would not be possible for us to name each of the sixty different DVBS but each was blessed of God, with attendance of 500 to 700. Only God knows the exact number of souls saved, but there was an average of 45 saved per DVBS. Thank you again for making all this possible. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

We are presently busy is our print shop. Again we are in the process of printing 1000 songbooks for the Spanish churches. Also we are printing a regular supply of tithing envelops.

Beloved we are ever mindful of your faithfulness in prayer and financial support for our ministry here in Mexico. Our prayer is that God would continue to bless you and yours.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith

PS: Please continue to pray for MARVIN HOOGE. He is home, but still on dialysis three times a week. He is to start radiation treatment this week for the tumor in his esophagus. No chemotherapy at this time.