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Updated 29 Jun 2012

June 2012 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

The last of March and first week of April the Reynosa-McAllen area had two hail-wind storms. It was worse that the one in 1993. Many homes were damaged including ours. (Over $11,000.00 worth.) The good news: We had homeowner’s insurance. The bad news the 1% deductable was $1600.00. This month we finally were able to get all the work done on our home. Please make it a matter of prayer to help us with the deductable. Margie and I were not hurt in the storm.

The first Bible Baptist Church of Reynosa is a very strong, self-supporting missionary church. The youth group has seen a tremendous growth during these past months. They have formed a musical group called “Redonda” consisting of over 20 young people. This month they were invited to two Spanish churches to perform at special service; one was in Orlando, FL and the other one in Atlanta, GA. Both were very successful. They have been invited to these same churches next May 2013.

Bible Baptist Church has begun a new mission in an area of North Eastern Reynosa with over 150,000 people in the area. These are new arrivals from other parts of Mexico looking for work in the twin US plants. Please pray that land can be obtained for a new building. They are presently meeting in a member’s home.

We ask you to pray for the DVBS that will be conducted during July and August. Last year over ten thousand boys and girls were reach for our Lord. Over 3,000 made a profession of faith. Thank you who have helped us with the finances of this project. We still need help. Just $60.00 will sponsor a Bible Club or DVBS.

Beloved once again we thank you for your prayers and financial help for our labors. God continues to bless in each church or mission we have had a part in establishing over the years. Pray for Bro. Angel Zapata and the new mission in Reynosa.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith