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Updated 31 Jul 2012

July 2012 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Last month in June 2012 Margie and I began our 57th year as missionaries of BBFI in Mexico. God has been so good to us in so many ways. Our health has been great. We feel like we are still of value in the work: advise to pastors, counseling, the printing ministry, helping others who need someone on the border and just being here.

In these many years, with the help of our two sons (they were 3 and 5 years old when we came to Mexico) who are also missionaries in Mexico, we have participated in over 130 different churches or mission buildings. Each of the churches where we have been able to get property and built a building, that work is still in service for our Lord. All churches are built around a Mexican pastor and they have become self-supporting.

A great opportunity has been presented to us! The city of Reynosa Mexico, across from McAllen, Texas has grown from 30,000 people in the 80s to over 1.5 million. Most of these people have come from other parts of Mexico to work in the US-Mexican plants that have opened along the border. There is a new section in Northeast Reynosa called “Colonia Provenir”. There is or will be over 150,000 residents in the new area. We have been offered a 400 square meter lot on which a church building can be built. The total cost of the 400 square meter lot is only $6,500.00.

Bro. Angel Zapata, pastor of our First BBFI Baptist church, has a young man who graduated from Bible College who has started “Provenir Baptist Mission” in this area. The First church is willing to support this man of God. I would like to help them obtain this property for ONE MORE CHURCH BEFORE THE LORD CALLS ME HOME. So many have sacrificed over the years to build the 130, would you help us do just one more? The really good news is that we can make a down payment on this lot and First Church has promised to make monthly payments for the rest. I do believe there are enough of God’s people for us to pay it all! This would be the 15th church in the Border area.

Beloved please make this a matter of prayer. Please designate any offerings to “Property” in Reynosa. Thank you for your faithfulness over these many years, and please help us to remain in the work of our Lord. Please continue to pray for the DVBS this July and August.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith