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Updated 02 Dec 2012

November 2012 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Saturday morning October 6th we met with Angel Zapata and Eliseo Deldado at the McAllen Texas International Airport to have prayer and best wishes for these two men of God as then departed for Columbia to attend the 2nd Latin American Conference and Fellowship meeting.

Upon their return they were very animated with the results of the meeting in Bogota. With over 400 visitors attending the meeting there were many that found new hope and courage to do more for our Lord. Among those 400 present were 25 pastors from the Mexican BB Fellowship. Bro. Angel said he felt the meeting was a great success. Please continue to pray for those who attended and those that found new hope in service. Bro. Jim Smith from Mission office was the special speaker.

We ask you to begin praying for the Mexican BBF meeting that will be celebrated at Highland Baptist Youth Camp south of Mexico City. This meeting will be conducted November 12-15. It is not only a time of great fellowship but is when the Faith Promise offering is taken that is the support for our many missionary projects. There will be a large number of pastors and workers at this annual meeting. The travel conditions in Mexico are still dangerous from the drug cartels.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving Day celebrations, let us not forget the many blessings that our Lord has bestowed on us. Margie and I are so happy that our family has been able to serve our Lord these many years in reaching the lost of Mexico and that we are still able to serve. We are so thankful for the many friends that hold us up in prayer daily. We are so thankful for the many souls that have come to Christ through our ministry. We are thankful for the many churches and friends that have supported our ministry financially. There is still a need for you support and most of all your prayers.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith