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Updated 01 Nov 2013

November 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Pastor Elpidio Rodriguez is 93 years “young” and still preaching each week. His church is in a village (rancho) called “La Ascensción” in the 10,000 foot mountains of the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. In the 1950’s Lupe Gutierrez, long time pastor at Saltillo, had a ministry of preaching the gospel in these villages and ranchos in the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. Elpidio was a barber but after accepting Christ he donated land for a church and began preaching. In the late 1960’s we were able to get him a barber chair, and also build him a 25’ by 80’ adobe building. Dr. R. D. Wade and his church helped us with the finances for this building. Elpidio is still the pastor and the building is still being used.

We have been busy in the printing ministry this month. It is a joy to furnish the needed songbooks for the churches in Mexico and other Spanish Churches. Many years ago we compiled a book of 250 gospel songs with words only on 30 sheets of paper printed on both sides. We are able to print and compile 1000 at a time. We also print thousands of tithing envelopes. Eliseo Delgado and his family have put together all our books and we praise God for their faithfulness. He is the pastor of “Canton Baptist Temple” in Reynosa Mexico. Two years ago we made this songbook and the same book with music available on the “LA TRIBUNA MEXICANA” digital net. But still there are some people that need the hard copy.

Claude Hine was the first soul I won to the Lord after I surrendered to preach in 1950. We were both in the Air Force Military. As a Staff Sergeant I was on night guard duty and Claude was on restricting. He had to report to the duty officer (me) every hour. I was able to win him to the Lord. He later surrendered to fulltime service. In God’s will we both were at BBC together and I graduated in 1956 and he graduated in 1957 with my wife. We have keep in contact as dear friends over the years, he and his family in New York and us in Mexico. This month he has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Please remember my dear friend in prayer that the will of God be done.

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness in prayer and support for our ministry. May God continue to bless in each of you.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith

Please pray for save traveling for the pastors of Mexico to the BBFMX meeting that will be celebrated in Cd. Juarez Nov. 11-14th.