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Updated 02 May 2013

March 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

We honor Dr. John Rawlings and the Rawlings Foundation. The results of his devotion to missions and building camps and Bible Colleges around the world will only be known in Eternity. He is rejoicing with other great BBFI leaders who have gone on before. We remember the Rawlings family is our prayers. The Mexican BBF Pastor’s annual Retreat and Fellowship will be conducted at the Rawlings Highland Camp south of Mexico City April 2-5 this year. The theme is: New Commandment I Give”. Erick Nobles is Special Speaker. Please pray for traveling mercies and the meeting.

Materials for this year’s 50 DVBS have been ordered from “Mensaje de Vida”. The total cost will be $2500.00 after a 40% discount on the materiel and free private delivery through another missionary. God has been supplying the necessary funds for these schools for over 50 years, through you. Last year there was a soul saved for every $1.25 given for this worthy cause. If you can help us again this year it will be greatly appreciated. Please designate.

Last month we related the results of one of the SMITE trips and the joy of seeing people saved and surrendered to the Lord. These groups came to Camp Rio Escondido from 1962-2002. Each summer there were from 5 to 7 groups. Many Young people found God’s will in their live and many souls were saved. Through the years over 50 mission buildings were built by these groups. We received many responses from this letter. One of those who responded was from Vernon Brewer: “I was on that trip and it changed my life. Now 50 years later I am distributing Bibles (8 million) and building churches (Over 1,400) all around the world. God used you in a huge way in my life. Blessings. “

Only God knows all that has been done through our ministry. But one thing we do know, this ministry has been made possible through your prayers and the financial support given to our work. God continues to bless the churches with souls and since each church we have established has a Mexican pastor, the churches have continued to grow and have souls saved.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith

Once again Bro. Al Williams from Texoma Piano Co. has donated and brought FOUR more pianos to the churches of Mexico. Bro. Al has donated pianos for over 12 years. One year he brought SIX at one time. Bro. Angel Zapata has taken them into Mexico and delivered them to the pastor that desires one.