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Updated 01 Oct 2013

September 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

Another summer of activities has come to an end. The reports from over 50 DVBS that have conducted service with the material you help us furnish show that souls were saved in every school. We have furnished material for these DVBS for over 50 years. In the early years the attendance was over two to three hundred. To be sure the DVBS of today are different from those in the early years. Mexico has changed: Families are not as large as they were. There is many more “things” for the children to do than before. Sports take a greater influence in their lives. Also there is a fear of the Drug cartels taking notice of larger crowds. In spite of the lower attendance, God has blessed and souls have been saved. Several have had 25 to 30 saved. Others from 15-20 saved. For every $2.00 spent on material for these DVBS, a soul has been saved. We certainly thank each of you who have given and have prayed for these them.

The churches of Monterrey and northern Mexico conducted a special youth camp for the Jr. and Sr. young people. There were over 130 present and FIVE surrendered their life for full time service. There is a real interest among the youth. Many of these have been saved in the DVBS in early years and now as young people are working for the Lord. There are several Bible Colleges that are receiving new students from the youth camps.

Randy Loyd and a group of 33 people from the Bedford Texas church came to our Spanish church in Brownsville Texas for a week this month. They worked in three areas passing out literature and having special services at night. Bro. Joel, the pastor informed me that the attendance was great in each service and over 89 souls were saved during the week. They also brought a good van to the “New Jerusalem” Baptist Church. The church has three missions in other sections of the city. The van will be used to transport people from these missions to the church on Sunday morning.

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness in support and prayer for our ministry. God continues to bless in each of them. Now that school has started again the attendance has increased. Our prayer is that God would continue to bless each of your.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith

We are thankful to God that our grandson Brian Smith has safely returned from a tour in Afghanistan. He now united with his wife and children, two of our six great grand children.