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Updated 01 Nov 2013

October 2013 Prayer Letter 

Dear Friends In Christ:

VICTORY PASCUAL is a graduate of the Monterrey Mexico Bible College. After graduation he began a church in the Guadalupe, another city in the Monterrey area. The Lord blessed him in his ministry and they began two other missions from the main church. About three years ago God laid on his heart a burden for the City of Juarez across form El Paso Texas, now over 1.5 million people. He has established two missions in that city. With material that we furnished he has conducted two different DVBS this year. In the main work 39 souls were saved and 38 were saved in the other mission at VBS. He is beginning another mission soon. (A concept we began in our early ministry: One main church with two or three mission stations under each pastor).

As schools have began once again across the land the eight Bible Colleges under the direction of several BBFI missionaries have also begun. The Bible College in Cd. Mante, under Larry Lilly began classes Sept 2-3 with 18 new students. They now have 57 students studying for full time ministry. We were able to assist Bro. Dan Morris in sending several study books into Mexico for his thriving school.

The last word that we have is that SIX Spanish Churches have started a Spanish Bible Institutes here in the USA. We have finished two different curriculums of 62 credit hours that are available for use in these Bible Institutes. The material has been sent to ALL Spanish works we know of in the States, and to ALL missionaries working in Spanish Speaking countries. Also to all the pastors of the Mexican churches.

ALEJANDRO GONZALEZ another graduate from the Bible College in Monterrey has begun a mission in two “ranchos” or villages it the State of Zacatecas. Property has been secured for both churches. Buildings have been started. One lacks only the roof that will cost about $1300.00. The other building has the foundation and the columns but still need $3000.00 to finish. If you can help on these projects please send it through the Mission Office and designate it for building.

Thank you so very much for your faithfulness in support and prayer for our ministry. God continues to bless in each of them. Now that school has started again the attendance has increased. Our prayer is that God would continue to bless each of you.

Yours for souls in Mexico,
Lonnie & Margie Smith